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  • Maygen and the Birdwatcher – Moonshine

    Maygen and the Birdwatcher – Moonshine

    Album review- “Moonshine” by Maygen and the Birdwatcher Released 10/21/21 Review by Joslyn Danielson Listening to “Moonshine” by Maygen and the Birdwatcher is like listening to a love story around […]

  • Leslie Vincent – These Foolish Things

    Leslie Vincent – These Foolish Things

    Released 8/14/21 Written By Joslyn Danielson 1/6/22 Timeless jazz classics find a new life in the album by Leslie Vincent, a Minneapolis actor and singer who released her first album […]

  • Bloodline – Daze

    Released 8/20/21. Written by Joslyn Danielson 10/21/21. Bloodline, a Brazilian-American pop/R&B group from the St. Paul area is the Gen Z reincarnation of the family band. The group’s name is […]

  • Avey Grouws Band – Tell Tale Heart

    Avey Grouws Band – Tell Tale Heart

    Tell Tale Heart- Album by Avey Grouws Band Released 9/24/21 Review by Joslyn Danielson – 10/08/21 The Avey Grouws Band is an up-and-coming 5 person group that is rocking the […]

  • Porky’s Groove Machine – Sticklers For Specificity

    Porky’s Groove Machine – Sticklers For Specificity Sticklers For Specificity, released in February of 2021, is the latest extended play from Porky’s Groove Machine, a septet based in Appleton, Wisconsin. The cover artwork […]

  • Héctor Anchondo – Roll The Dice

    Roll The Dice, released in 2017, is the third album by Héctor Anchondo, a blues singer/guitarist from Omaha, Nebraska, who also happens to be the winner of the 2020 International Blues Challenge […]

  • Virtual Launch! Work Continues…

    It has been over a month since we launched out on social media and our web page. That day was crazy for me. I have never been so nervous for […]

  • Sarah Morris – All Mine

    Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter Sarah Morris burst back into our hearts with her first full album since 2017. Twangy and romantic, “All Mine” is a classic americana album combining excellent lyric writing […]

  • Long time no BLOG

    6/7/21 The past months have been scary, exciting, and a strong test in patience. The pandemic rolled on and we continued to wait and wait. There are many hurdles still […]

  • Tommy Bentz – 1000 Reasons

    Even with such a difficult year for the music industry, artists such as Tommy Bentz clearly haven’t been held down by the pandemic. In his newest album, ‘1000 Reasons’ (May […]