Virtual Launch! Work Continues…

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It has been over a month since we launched out on social media and our web page. That day was crazy for me. I have never been so nervous for something in my life. All the uncertainty, excitement, fear, all rolled up together. We were very thankful Joyann was there to help us get started. We are super excited that her and the band will be here in September to kick everything off.

The pace of things is starting to ramp up. We are working on content creation for social media, thinking of ideas and ways we can promote artists and their work. Finalizing our stage set up and getting things on order for our room and décor. One thing is constant, when you think something should be easy, it probably is not, then you start working it and frustration ensues. A good example is social media and website work. It seems so easy to say ‘but I want that to look like this’ and then when I start figuring out how to do that, I look up and an hour has passed. It is all very humbling. I just keep plugging away at it until it at least is close to what we want it to be.

Through it all we keep our mission in mind, that we are here to promote artists and music. This has been crucial in making decision in many areas. It is so easy to get stuck heading down a rabbit hole. The challenge is hopefully stopping soon enough, and asking ourselves ‘does this fit our mission?’ Several times this has stopped us from getting too deep into something, stop us from spending too much somewhere else, and guiding how we choose to spend our time.

We are thankful for the support. Social Media launch day I was soooooo nervous. Seeing people’s positive reactions and encouragement has been so uplifting.

It has been fun the past months bringing life back to the space. When we first walked through, it had that feeling of abandonment, of years and stories gone by. Now, little by little, there is life again. Hearing the musicians play (albeit online) and those of us working inside, the warmth is coming back. We are excited for that big day in September, when the stage is alive and the space is full of people.

Still lots to do! Blink, and September will be here. Until next time!


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