Sarah Morris – All Mine

Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter Sarah Morris burst back into our hearts with her first full album since 2017. Twangy and romantic, “All Mine” is a classic americana album combining excellent lyric writing with tight instrumentation.

Even though it was released pre-COVID, (Feb 2020) the melancholy sentiments of ache and longing are prominent throughout the album. Her powerful songwriting makes for a relatable piece of work that touches on the difficulties of life, but also the beauty within the struggle.

The instrumentation is mostly acoustic guitar-driven, with added elements of romantic violin, bluesy stand-up bass lines, and some rockin’ electric guitar solos. Sarah’s whimsical soprano lead vocals display exceptional range and control.

The genre, while americana at its core, brings in strong elements of blues, country, and even dips its toe in the doo-wop style of the 60’s in the crooning lullaby, ‘There, There’. The subtle country twang stands strong throughout most of the songs, giving that American romance vibe.

‘Things That You Can’t Tell By Looking At A Picture’ is an outlier when it comes to genre. This track is almost ambient (save the melancholy vocals), and gives the feeling of a motion-picture score. It’s weirder, spookier, and very much more outside-the-box.

The last two tracks, (‘Mendocino’, ‘I’m A Wreck’) are more heavy blues, with electric guitar solos and staccato strumming. The final track should be mentioned as it incorporates 70’s wailing keys and wraps up the record perfectly with a strong blues finish and a jammy fade-out.

The record feels like a glimpse into the diary of a young woman from the Midwest, adding nostalgia to visuals such as “the Minnesota sky, rows of corn in late July” (‘How I Want To Love You’). It’s the perfect album for watching the leaves fall, and remembering what once was.

– Joslyn Danielson

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