Long time no BLOG

The past months have been scary, exciting, and a strong test in patience. The pandemic rolled on and we continued to wait and wait. There are many hurdles still ahead of us, however the extra time has been good. It has allowed us to refine our business plan, start planning meetings with our management team, and brainstorm/refine how we want the space to look and feel. The emotion rollercoaster has continued. There have been days of straight up fear. Wondering if this is the right thing, wondering if we will fail, wondering about all the things that could go wrong. Then there have been the strong days, the support of the people who are excited to help us. Excited to bring music back to a great space. We would not be this far without their experience and support. We are very thankful for the people that are helping us, offering their expertise, sharing their creative ideas, and their positivity. Thinking of them really helps through the times of fear and questioning.
We are very thankful to the artists and those in the music community. Their encouragement and excitement to bring music back to the space has been invigorating to say the least.
Tomorrow is a HUGE day. We officially announce our opening, and release for sale our September and October shows. The fear is there; however, we are excited to launch, and start executing the plans we have been formulating for this past year.

Here we go!!!


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