Bloodline – Daze

Released 8/20/21.

Written by Joslyn Danielson 10/21/21.

Bloodline, a Brazilian-American pop/R&B group from the St. Paul area is the Gen Z reincarnation of the family band. The group’s name is a reference to the fact that the group started with 3 siblings, the Wheatens. Eliza (songwriting/background vocals), Lukaz (production/keys), and Julia (vocals). They have also recently added Jake, who has been brought on since meeting Lucaz in class at St. Thomas. He recorded a few tracks on “Daze” this year and has since been added as the group’s guitar player. Bloodline is more collaborative and fluid than their previous projects, with each member taking part in the musical writing process in their own way, using their individual strengths. 

The songwriting, by the oldest sister, Eliza, is both romantic and melancholy. The album takes a journey through recovering from a breakup, the first half is very melancholy and has the feeling of a lost love. With down-tempo r&b beats and minor keys, as well as catchy vocal melodies. The second half, however, takes on a more upbeat and positive note starting at Young and in Love. Eliza also adds ethereal harmony throughout the album, matching and complimenting her sister’s voice very well. 

Eliza draws influence from artists like Amy Winehouse and Adele, with poetic storytelling and lots of emotion. The lyrics follow a person’s inner journey of finding themself and finding what they truly want in life and in a partner. It ends on a note of confidence and positivity in one’s self with the hook repeating the phrase, “ I don’t need your love baby I’ve got it all” which is backed by a catchy house beat. 

The musicality is very modern, but with a small amount of retro synth wave in the production style. Lukaz grew up listening to his parents’ 80’s music and it comes through in his production stylings. He combines modern trap and R&B beats with muted retro keys, and a nostalgic 80’s vibe using drawn out synth and drum and bass production. He creates a style a little reminiscent of 2000’s house like Cascada once the drop comes along. 

Julia’s vocal stylings are very with the trend in pop music today, a breathy, sultry soprano, along the lines of Ariana Grande or, Rhianna, Billie Eilish, or Sia. Julia Wheaten started her singing career in Brazil and has since brought those influences into her music. She embodies the new generation of South and Central American influence on pop vocals in the USA, which has long been contributing to our popular music without much recognition. Both her skill and tone are polished, giving her the sound of someone much older than her current age of 17; the mark of a promising future. 

Bloodline will be performing in St Paul at KJ’s Hideaway on November 5th, and at 7th St Entry a few days following.

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