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  • Joyann Parker – Out of the Dark

    Joyann Parker, Out of the Dark (Released Feb. 2021)Joyann Parker and her band have followed up their debut album, Hard to Love (released in 2018) with Out of the Dark, and it’s a work that surpasses its […]

  • FINAL Walkthrough!

    The past few weeks have been the some of the most eventful in my life. Unfortunately, none of it was related to this endeavor of ours! The week of unrest […]

  • Business Plan DONE

    Finished the business plan! 8 pages of objectives, marketing, and a pile of financials. I was amazed how good it felt to get that completed. I may or may not […]

  • Website…Financials…Are We Going to Do This?

    Hello again all, This past weekend I spent some more time on this website. This is all new to me. Lots of time on Youtube trying things out. Also drafting […]

  • What are we doing?!?

    Greetings all! My first post on something crazy we have been talking about. It started on a whim in December, then a follow up call in February, really started our […]