Burning Sunbeams – Single by Red Eye Ruby

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Burning Sunbeams – Single by Red Eye Ruby

Released 4/8/2022

Song review by Joslyn Danielson

Written 3/27/2022

The Minneapolis band, Red Eye Ruby, has undergone a full transformation since 2018. Their earlier music leaned more towards folk with hints of swing and blues. However, in their newest single, “Burning Sunbeams”, they bring in a lot more electric instruments, a full drum set, and a classic rock and roll beat. They now self-identify as ‘retro roots-rock’, while always grounded in the blues.

Red Eye Ruby is the stage name for lead singer and songwriter, Liz Collin. It seems she has brought in all new band members to back her since the pandemic, drastically changing the musical style.

Her soft, breathy, soprano vocals have an indie/folk vibe, and it’s an intriguing combination with the new instrumentation which now has harder elements of rockabilly, americana, gospel, and of course classic rock and roll. Long, wailing organ chords give it the aforementioned retro gospel/roots-rock feel, filling out the sound nicely.

The song is also much more positive and upbeat than Red Eye Ruby’s earlier work. While there are moments of melancholy, the lyrics are mostly a cheeky yet hopeful view of love. The melodies are very catchy, and the focus is always on the vocals – save the one electric guitar solo toward the end. The solo itself is very surf-rock, with a little blues and twang.

The new track is great for driving on a summer day, and singing along to the peppy tune and cheery choruses. The final lyric, “your love is like a sunbeam, baby” fades out and sticks in your head even after the song is over.

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