6 Months In

WOW! We made it 6 months. In some ways it feels like yesterday, in others, it feels like 6 months. We are still new, and 6 months isn’t that long a time in the grand scheme of things. What’s been encouraging is the experience we’re getting really helps how we make decisions.

Things have been getting better and better. There also is more and more to do. It certainly seems the pressure on our time has been increasing dramatically. The biggest decisions of the day end up being on what we choose to spend our time on versus whatever specific topic we are working on.

The first few months the fear and uncertainty were something else. Sitting at the front door, wondering if we are doing the right things nervous out of my mind that nobody will show up. Trying our different marketing ideas to help promote our business and seeing what happens. Learning the craziness of Social Media. When you pay them for ads are people actually seeing them? Or are they making stuff up to get our money? (Maybe it’s a little of both…. LOL)

Then, to top it all of, maneuvering through the COVID restrictions, working with artists and folks to present shows in the most comfortable way possible. One positive is that it really made us focus on our business processes. Working continually on our food and beverage programs to improve quality and efficiency..

The artists have been fantastic! They are such amazing people to work with. It has really encouraged us in our mission to promote and support them. We have met such amazing people from all different backgrounds.

Our current efforts are now focused on elevating what we have. Improving our decor, food and beverage options, and simply how we do what we do to get better. We are excited for the next 6 months and our first anniversary!

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