FINAL Walkthrough!

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The past few weeks have been the some of the most eventful in my life. Unfortunately, none of it was related to this endeavor of ours! The week of unrest here in the Twin Cities certainly was historic and nerve wracking. Most of the issues were in Minneapolis, and the one night in St. Paul was far away from our location. At this point most of it seems behind us.

Yesterday we did our final walk through of the space. We cleared a couple bigger hurdles this past week. Our final real hurdle remaining is the lease. We are working with the landlords and will get further information on Monday. Then we will be able to make our official GO/NO GO for launch. The past months have been such a back and forth. It’s been a lot of thinking and research. There has been a lot to learn (which I have enjoyed) and listening to great people. It feels good to get to this last point. We have about all the information (that we can think of) put together so we can make the big decision.

Everything seems to be lining up positively so far. I made a bunch of estimates regarding financials and most everything seems to be coming in line with my guesses. There have been a couple cases where my estimates were too high and things have broken in our favor. That gives us a little more room for those items we know that we probably missed. We were able to work a deal for most of the remaining equipment in the room. This is awesome since it covers the majority of the furniture and devices we will need. There are some additional things we still have to purchase, however, not starting from scratch is a big advantage we are thankful for.

How we are feeling through the past weeks has been crazy. I even had a few dreams involving this adventure. I didn’t think they were nightmares. There are moments where we feel confident and excited. Then there are moments of fear and uncertainty. It has been a roller coaster and we haven’t really done anything yet!

Here’s to hoping my next post will be with news that this Saturn V rocket is ready for liftoff. Until next time…

— J

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