Avey Grouws Band – Tell Tale Heart

Tell Tale Heart- Album by Avey Grouws Band Released 9/24/21 Review by Joslyn Danielson – 10/08/21 The Avey Grouws Band is an up-and-coming 5 person group that is rocking the modern blues/americana scene. Their debut album, “Devil May Care” hit the #10 spot on the Billboard Blues Chart in 2020, and their second full-length album, […]

Porky’s Groove Machine – Sticklers For Specificity

Porky’s Groove Machine – Sticklers For Specificity Sticklers For Specificity, released in February of 2021, is the latest extended play from Porky’s Groove Machine, a septet based in Appleton, Wisconsin. The cover artwork is adorned with a visual homage to Rene Magritte’s 1929 surrealist painting “The Treachery of Images”—with an illustrated hog in place of the famous tobacco […]

Héctor Anchondo – Roll The Dice

Roll The Dice, released in 2017, is the third album by Héctor Anchondo, a blues singer/guitarist from Omaha, Nebraska, who also happens to be the winner of the 2020 International Blues Challenge for solo/duo performance. In contrast to 2014’s Young Guns, Anchondo’s previous album from 2014, Roll The Dice has a bigger sound and fuller arrangements, with a result that […]

Virtual Launch! Work Continues…

It has been over a month since we launched out on social media and our web page. That day was crazy for me. I have never been so nervous for something in my life. All the uncertainty, excitement, fear, all rolled up together. We were very thankful Joyann was there to help us get started. […]

Sarah Morris – All Mine

Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter Sarah Morris burst back into our hearts with her first full album since 2017. Twangy and romantic, “All Mine” is a classic americana album combining excellent lyric writing with tight instrumentation. Even though it was released pre-COVID, (Feb 2020) the melancholy sentiments of ache and longing are prominent throughout the album. Her powerful […]

Long time no BLOG

6/7/21 The past months have been scary, exciting, and a strong test in patience. The pandemic rolled on and we continued to wait and wait. There are many hurdles still ahead of us, however the extra time has been good. It has allowed us to refine our business plan, start planning meetings with our management […]

Tommy Bentz – 1000 Reasons

Even with such a difficult year for the music industry, artists such as Tommy Bentz clearly haven’t been held down by the pandemic. In his newest album, ‘1000 Reasons’ (May 2021), Tommy brings together a group of extremely talented musicians and spans across genres to bring us this bluesy, jazzy, heavy-hitting record of 2021. The […]

Joyann Parker – Out of the Dark

Joyann Parker, Out of the Dark (Released Feb. 2021)Joyann Parker and her band have followed up their debut album, Hard to Love (released in 2018) with Out of the Dark, and it’s a work that surpasses its predecessor in almost every way. Now, don’t get me wrong: Hard to Love remains a solid record—the energy, the songwriting, the musicianship was all there. But something […]

FINAL Walkthrough!

The past few weeks have been the some of the most eventful in my life. Unfortunately, none of it was related to this endeavor of ours! The week of unrest here in the Twin Cities certainly was historic and nerve wracking. Most of the issues were in Minneapolis, and the one night in St. Paul […]

Business Plan DONE

Finished the business plan! 8 pages of objectives, marketing, and a pile of financials. I was amazed how good it felt to get that completed. I may or may not have imbibed in adult beverages upon it’s completion this past Saturday. We did some more tweaking of the financial numbers. The scary part with those […]


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