Cassandra Cole – Steps

Cassandra Cole – Steps Released 5/6/22 Review by Joslyn Danielson Written 4/30/22 Cassandra Cole, the powerful pop vocalist with a punk edge, will be hitting the KJ’s Hideaway stage on May 7th to release her newest album, “Steps”. The extremely relatable lyrics focus on mental health struggles – applicable to our post pandemic society. Spanning […]

Burning Sunbeams – Single by Red Eye Ruby

Burning Sunbeams – Single by Red Eye Ruby Released 4/8/2022 Song review by Joslyn Danielson Written 3/27/2022 The Minneapolis band, Red Eye Ruby, has undergone a full transformation since 2018. Their earlier music leaned more towards folk with hints of swing and blues. However, in their newest single, “Burning Sunbeams”, they bring in a lot […]

6 Months In

WOW! We made it 6 months. In some ways it feels like yesterday, in others, it feels like 6 months. We are still new, and 6 months isn’t that long a time in the grand scheme of things. What’s been encouraging is the experience we’re getting really helps how we make decisions. Things have been […]

Amateur – Every Little Thing

Amateur- Every Little Thing Released 3/11/22 Album Review by Joslyn Danielson Written 3/16/22 A new group from Rochester just released their first full album this month. Ironically calling their band “Amateur”, their music is anything but. Until now, they’ve put out four singles, the first being in 2020. Like many covid bands, Amateur is finally […]

Maygen and the Birdwatcher – Moonshine

Album review- “Moonshine” by Maygen and the Birdwatcher Released 10/21/21 Review by Joslyn Danielson Listening to “Moonshine” by Maygen and the Birdwatcher is like listening to a love story around a lakeside campfire in Minnesota. Originally a duo, Maygen and Noah released an album in 2018, and have since recruited some seasoned band members who […]

Leslie Vincent – These Foolish Things

Released 8/14/21 Written By Joslyn Danielson 1/6/22 Timeless jazz classics find a new life in the album by Leslie Vincent, a Minneapolis actor and singer who released her first album in August of 2021. With a background in musical theatre, she really brings the swing in her jazz cover album, “These Foolish Things”.  The album […]

Bloodline – Daze

Released 8/20/21. Written by Joslyn Danielson 10/21/21. Bloodline, a Brazilian-American pop/R&B group from the St. Paul area is the Gen Z reincarnation of the family band. The group’s name is a reference to the fact that the group started with 3 siblings, the Wheatens. Eliza (songwriting/background vocals), Lukaz (production/keys), and Julia (vocals). They have also […]

Avey Grouws Band – Tell Tale Heart

Tell Tale Heart- Album by Avey Grouws Band Released 9/24/21 Review by Joslyn Danielson – 10/08/21 The Avey Grouws Band is an up-and-coming 5 person group that is rocking the modern blues/americana scene. Their debut album, “Devil May Care” hit the #10 spot on the Billboard Blues Chart in 2020, and their second full-length album, […]

Porky’s Groove Machine – Sticklers For Specificity

Porky’s Groove Machine – Sticklers For Specificity Sticklers For Specificity, released in February of 2021, is the latest extended play from Porky’s Groove Machine, a septet based in Appleton, Wisconsin. The cover artwork is adorned with a visual homage to Rene Magritte’s 1929 surrealist painting “The Treachery of Images”—with an illustrated hog in place of the famous tobacco […]

Héctor Anchondo – Roll The Dice

Roll The Dice, released in 2017, is the third album by Héctor Anchondo, a blues singer/guitarist from Omaha, Nebraska, who also happens to be the winner of the 2020 International Blues Challenge for solo/duo performance. In contrast to 2014’s Young Guns, Anchondo’s previous album from 2014, Roll The Dice has a bigger sound and fuller arrangements, with a result that […]


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